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Video conferencing is the most popular Cloud Systems productivity-enhancing application.  This application also generates the fastest ROI.  The key is ease of use.


Meetings Start on Time


Presenters can schedule auto launch in advance, or at the time of the call select a “start button” that instantaneously transforms the conference room to the presenter’s personalized space.


No more frustration due to battling complicated systems.   Invest your brainpower into the contents of the meeting, NOT trying to work the video conferencing equipment.


Ease of Use Drives Adoption


The user is greeted by the same, intuitive interface whether they launch a video conference with a Cisco in Cincinnati, a Tandberg in Tokyo, a Polycom in Paris or a LiveSize in London.

atmospherics® increases user adoption by standardizing interfaces among of disparate hardware and control systems.  In addition, atmospherics drives adoption by migrating controls to a software-based solution  removing barriers between proprietary devices and hardware control.


Decrease Travel Costs


Air travel is expensive.  But face time is invaluable.  With video conferencing you don’t have to choose.  You can save money and enjoy quality collaboration at the touch of a button.


Reduce Carbon Footprint


Commercial air travel has an enormous negative impact on the environment.   Reducing the number of non-essential employee trips will help reduce the effects of global warming.


Want to reserve conference rooms and schedule meetings integrating your Outlook Calendars?

Click Take | Control below to contact an atmospherics reseller who will show you how.

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