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atmospherics® enables control of any addressable projector screen from anywhere on the network.


Start meetings at the touch of a button.  Scenes in atmospherics enable you to combine functionality of any combination of network control modules. 


When your meeting is scheduled to begin, at the touch of a button lower the screen, turn on the projector, route content through a VGA output from a computer to the projector, turn down the lights and lower the window shades.  Then when it's time for Q&A, at the touch of a button, turn the lights back on, and start the coffee pot.  At the conclusion of the meeting, you'll never forget to turn off the projector or the conference rooms lights.  atmospherics will remember for you.

Need assistance creating policies that optimize your company’s infrastructure?  Click Take | Control below to contact an atmospherics reseller who will be able to help.
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