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atmospherics® gives control to the people occupying the space.  Shared and collaborative work environments can be transformed from one person’s preferences to the next at the touch of a button.  atmospherics stores personalized | control settings so they can be recalled each time the room changes occupants.


Whether it be a conference room with lighting, projectors, screens, audio equipment, shade control, and video conferencing equipment; a simple room with lighting, a VGA connection and a large display; or, a fully controled hotel suite, idle systems are best turned off.


With atmospherics, assets will last longer and require less maintenance.  atmospherics also saves energy by systematically powering down room devices when not in use. Yet when a room is powered back up, there will be no lost time searching for remote controls and flipping all the necessary power switches to start a meeting or greet a guest.


atmospherics empowers individual users of the workspace to maximize their productivity through personalizing the room environments to meet their needs.  The System Administrator sets parameters and permissions for room modification.  atmospherics does not have a limit to the number of personalized environments that can be created, so everyone can have their own.





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