No Custom Programming


Unlike traditional, hardware-based control systems, atmospherics is designed for ease of use.  The software's open architecture eliminates the need for custom programming.  A savvy systems integrator can design, install and configure your system much more quickly and efficiently than ever before.  When devices on the network fail or reach end of life, replacements can be swapped out in minutes.


Standard Interfaces Increase Adoption


No matter the manufaturer of the hardware on your network, atmospherics controls devices with the same functionality through consistent interfaces.  atmospherics will greet users of the video conferencing system, lighting, HVAC, or even Cisco's EnergyWise with a familiar interface for each function.  This familiarity drives adoption.

Green Increases the Bottom Line


Decreasing the negative impact on the environment with atmospherics® will have a very positive impact on your financial statements.    

+ asset life

+ productivity

-  energy costs

-  travel expenses

-  control hardware

-  custom programming

-  service maintenance visits

-  batteries for remote controls

-  system hardware by pooling devices

         = Increased Net Income
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