Lowest Cost of Ownership


Cloud Systems’ enterprise approach allows for the lowest possible cost of ownership.  Our software-based control solutions eliminate the need for traditional in-room control hardware, require no custom programming, enable smart asset management, and can be supported remotely, reducing on-site service calls.



Energy Savings


Reduction in customer utility costs are realized by turning off unused equipment, and managing lighting and zoned HVAC systems according to preset protocols, with functional overrides for ease of use and flexibility. Optimal energy savings can be expected from occupied Class A office space, hospitality suites, and classrooms using computers and electronic whiteboards.



Cloud Systems’ software solution is installed on your networked server and therefore reaches to the very ends of your enterprise.  As you extend control throughout your network, the system configuration and maintenance can be administered from one central location.  There are no per-room fixed costs, so the more rooms and methods of control you deploy, the more economical the solution becomes.




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