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Transform new or existing real estate into intelligent buildings.  The functionality of existing systems and infrastructure can be optimized when integrated by atmospherics.  atmospherics® can be installed  on the network in parallel with any Building Management System (BMS) to create a fully integrated and standardized BMS interface. In addition, the BMS can be integrated with other devices’ sub-nets, such as security, telecoms, AV, lighting, HVAC, etc. to provide a complete building control system.


Most BMSs offer global policies that are dedicated to building and service devices. Cloud Systems’ Intelligent Building Control allows for complete interoperability with all controllable, networked hardware.


For Systems Administrators, Cloud Systems offers sophisticated real-time and historic reporting. The application is centrally served, so it can control every device across the enterprise. Administrators can view activity at a micro level, down to the individual device, or at a macro level, up to the enterprise as a whole.


atmospherics also gives control to the people occupying the space.  Shared and collaborative work environments can be transformed from one person’s preferences to the next, at the touch of a button.  atmospherics stores personalized | control settings so they can be recalled each time the room changes occupants.


The ROI for owners and occupants is aggressive and savings optimal when installed over an existing BMS, in buildings of greater than 100,000 square feet.


In addition, Customers will have the peace of mind they are minimizing all possible power consumption and extending asset life across the enterprise for all networked devices.





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