Professional Services

The world’s leading architectural practice, uses atmospherics® to provide “Quick Launch” functionality to their Cisco Telepresence, lighting and Thunder Interactive enabled conference rooms.  Currently collaborative work rooms worldwide are controlled from a centrally served installation of atmospherics at their data center in the mid-west. 

An international contracting firm utilizes atmospherics enterprise-wide to operate quick launch video conferencing with Tandberg using the Cisco IP Phone.  The intent is to expand the functionality of atmospherics once the users have adopted the IP Phone as the primary interface for room control.



atmospherics gives surgeons control of their surgical suits without jeopardizing the sterile environment, while hospital administrators can control conference rooms, lighting and HVAC systems to reduce energy costs.



A leading-edge Canadian school district that provides IP services to the entire community over their new dark fiber network is using atmospherics to achieve a carbon neutral mandate by the end of 2010.  They centrally serve atmospherics from their data center to monitor and control all networked hardware.  The primary interface for control is the Cisco IP Phone.  The school district intends to use atmospherics as the primary monitoring and control tool district wide.



A progressive city government in Northern California uses atmospherics at their City Council chambers to provide centralized control of their audio visual systems.



In the hospitality industry the scalability of atmospherics is unparalleled.  atmospherics establishes standardized control of systems in every guest room.  Networked room control reduces time devoted to installation and maintenance reducing overall down time.  



A Southern utility controls their network control center (NOC) with the enterprise edition of atmospherics, providing all policy decisions and routing control for audio and video signals in the NOC.


Financial Services

A financial services provider offering electronic bank transaction processing, utilizes atmospherics for the control of audio visual equipment in their corporate conference rooms.



A production studio deployed atmospherics in their post production rooms.  This allows the editorial team to plug and play a variety of digital tools seamlessly with analog video matrixes and switches.  atmospherics controls the entire post production environment at the studio.

A high-end video card manufacturer in California controls the A/V and video conferencing equipment in their board room.


Digital Signage

Digital signage with atmospherics control spans industry verticals from professional services for presentations, to schools with emergency response systems, and government issuing public service announcements.  The list goes on.


Cisco Systems

Cisco utilizes most of the functionality of atmospherics to leverage the power and expanse of their network:  atmospherics provides total system control and monitoring for the Customer Briefing Centers worldwide.  Each site has a dedicated installation of atmospherics controlling audio visual equipment, HVAC, lighting, electronic window treatments, and video conferencing.  Control scenes are launched from tablet PCs using both atmospherics’ web-based Flex Client interface and the Cisco IP Phone interface.  A total of 30 locations, such as Executive Briefing Centeres, Customer Briefing Centers and Field Sales Offices have atmospherics installed to provide audio visual control in conference rooms and demonstration theaters.

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