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atmospherics® transforms simple hardware systems into robust digital signage solutions.



Reliability is paramount in delivering information through digital signage.  Whether there is a “traffic jam on Highway 101” or “Ultra Quilted Northern is on sale”, “Happy Birthday, Brianna!” or “The Oakland A's clinch the Division Title”, delivery of the message is important.


atmospherics routing system can dispatch automated messages when an event is triggered anywhere on the network.   A multitude of messages can be sent to locations all over the network at once.  atmospherics’ intelligent routing engine optimizes the power of the network.


atmospherics can also provide display reporting.  The value of advertisement increases when statistics support delivery.  Imagine if you could track how many people were in the traffic jam on Highway 101 viewing the advertisement for tickets to the next San Francisco Giant’s game on the day Barry Bonds broke the homerun record!




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