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atmospherics® enables control of any addressable device from anywhere on the network. Unlike traditional hardware control systems, there is no custom programming, no programs requiring compilation, and no loading code onto hardware.  This approach makes the solution highly scalable.


atmospherics allows Administrators and installers to provide one-touch management and connectivity for all audio visual devices through existing internet protocol infrastructure. Users can control their AV system with their iPhone, IP phone, a touch panel or a computer.


atmospherics allows installers to integrate the audio visual systems with multimedia sources, IP telephony, security access, building control assets and any other network domain.


atmospherics enables designers to create intelligent custom control solutions for one room or thousands of rooms across entire campuses or corporations either on site, or remotely from anywhere on the network.



Need assistance creating policies that optimize your company’s infrastructure?  Click Take | Control below to contact an atmospherics reseller who will be able to help.

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